Risk Warning

Kemeny Capital is exclusively aimed at UK resident persons who are required to self-certify as either a Sophisticated Investor or High Net Worth Individual.

Kemeny Capital provides a non-advisory service. Kemeny Capital provides access to high-risk investments in early-stage companies and investors may be exposed to a high-risk of loss. Kemeny Capital does not provide advice on investments, tax or legal affairs. You are required to make your own assessment on any investments and seek advice from an independent regulated financial advisor.

Investment Risk

The value of investments may go up as well as down and there is no guarantee of any investment return. Investments in private companies carry significant risks including loss of capital, illiquidity, and no guarantee of regular income from the investment. You should understand the risks involved and be capable of making investment decisions based upon your personal circumstances. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Loss of Investment

Early-stage companies are high risk investments and many start-ups and early-stage companies fail or do not achieve their initial business targets. This puts investors who invest in companies accessed through Kemeny Capital at potential high risk of losing some, or all, of their capital.

Tax Relief Risk

Tax reliefs are subject to individual circumstances and there is no guarantee an investor will receive the tax benefits associated with any investment. Kemeny Capital does not provide tax advice.

Liquidity Risk

Kemeny Capital provides access to unquoted high-risk investments. It is unlikely there is a liquid secondary market for any investments meaning it will be difficult to sell your investments. Any investments made through Kemeny Capital should be viewed as long term investments.

Lack of Dividends

Investments made through Kemeny Capital may not pay dividends for a considerable time, if at all.

Dilution Risk

When investing in early-stage companies it is likely the company will raise further funds in the future through additional equity raises. In this situation, it is likely your stake in the company is diluted and your stake, including but not limited to value, voting and dividends,  may not be worth as much as it otherwise would be on a successful exit.